Who is Young Living?

Hey! You must be a passioneer too! Thanks for checking out the Young Living company! And me! Taking a look at Young Living will be the best decision you have made! 😉

Young Living is the world’s leader in essential oils and oil-infused lifestyle products. This means they work. There are so many oil companies now-a-days. For me, the deciding factor remains that optimal constituents means optimal results. Yes, people can find essentials oils everywhere but there is a craftsman factor in creating them for health purposes and I found Young Living is the best. For my family, I actually found I SAVED money with Young Living as quality means more effectiveness and less expense.

Young Living has the unique “Seed to Seal” process which holds a standard for every step in the process of producing a quality essential oil. I LOVE this part! Seeing the farms and working the farms, this mama could see for myself what it takes to assure our families “nothing but the best.” Young Living welcomes members to come and work the farms! Awesome experience. I also love that Young Living is a full disclosure company.

12034452_1124260127591791_3523689792058474867_oAs a mom passioneer, it wasn’t easy to win me over, but Young Living did. I love the company. I love the owners. I love Young Living farms. I trust them with all my heart. I have seen how these oils work on thousands of people. Mamma Bears want the best for their families, right?

This is why I started the Healing Home Movement 15 years ago and now it has gone global! It makes me so proud to represent a company who goes to such lengths to assure us our products are quality and have purpose.

By owning their farms across the globe, they can control the quality standard from the seeds they plant; to the harvest timing & technique; to the correct distilling temperature and pressure; to the way the bottle is sealed. I have personally been to almost all of the farms. I can’t wait to show you too! Visiting and working the farm gives one an appreciation to “what it takes” to produce these marvelous oils from God’s earth.

This Seed to Seal standard sets Young Living apart from the competition. There is a craftsmanship in producing the highest quality oils in the industry. There is an art and a science. I’ll be excited to show you that also! PRICELESS!

What type of products does Young Living offer?


Timmins Essential Oils – To maintain our wellbeing needs. To support our physiological needs. To support our psychological needs.
To inspire a positive emotional state and create spiritual awareness.

Yeadon Oil-infused Nutrition – To enhance our physical & emotional wellness

Steffisburg Oil-infused Natural Beauty – To enhance our beauty inside and out. When we feel good; we look good! To enhance our skin, our emotions, our hair & nails.

can you buy gabapentin online Oil-infused Healing Home – To go “beyond green” and benefit our surroundings beyond just cleaning it. To support our physical and cognitive functions. To support balance emotionally and physically.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the liquid life force from nature’s botanicals. Young Living’s unique “Seed to Seal” process uses steam distillation & cold pressing to extract nature’s most potent and pure essential oils. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Livings powerful essential oils, you are holding nature’s pure essence.

What products should I try first?

THE FIRST MONTH: The easiest and most economical way to sample Young Living’s most popular products is to BEGIN with the Essential Oil Starter Kit. It includes 10 Essential Oils, 2 NingXia Red nutrition samples, Young Living’s Product Guide, and several resources to share with others.

Click here to view your 3 Premium Starter Kit options. Click here to order now! For more details, view our videos below.

PLEASE NOTE: When you land on the sign up page, my old business name Wise Choice Resource Center, Inc. will appear as your enroller and sponsor. That is OK as I am still me! Just a new name 🙂 I still believe in Wise Choices!

THE SECOND MONTH, I suggest focusing on the Oil-infused nutrition line. The Ningxia Red, Essentialzyme-4 and OmegaGize are three phenomenal products to get started as they support brain health, digestive health and joint health!

Take your 2 oz of NR, Essentialzyme-4 at every meal and 4 capsules of OmegaGize for 60 days and see for yourself. Yes…you will notice how you feel–especially if you stop! If I forget my routine or forget to order something, I am suddenly feeling like a nap. HA!

Remember…the oils are added to these products. Oil-infused gives added benefits! It’s super cool. This is why people always say to me, “Why do so many people get better results with Young Living?” It’s an oil thing!!!

If you desire a simple way to reduce stress and increase productivity, YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR HOME!

THE THIRD MONTH, I suggest focusing on creating a healing home by choosing the products from the REMARKABLE THIEVES line. They help us go “beyond green” and step into creating a healing home. This means not only do we clean, but these oil-infused home products give us value to our health in three ways: supports our physical/cognitive health, supports our emotional wellbeing and creates a spiritual uplifting value in our homes!

If you want the economic value, check out the Essential Rewards program. It’s awesome! My group of amazing friends will help me shout out the value. “It’s awesome!”

What is in the Starter Kit?

What is Ningxia Red?

How do you place an ORDER?

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