12034452_1124260127591791_3523689792058474867_oI was like everyone else! We were taught to follow the 40/40/40 plan of life – work 40 hours a week, for 40 years of their life, and then retire on 40% of their income. However, I had someday dreams for my life and even though I loved my career, it would not be able to fund my dreams. I read up on the network marketing business model and now I was so “fired up” about my life! So let me introduce you to another plan. In my opinion, a better plan! My group has a track record of success! It has been so fun to see people live out what we call “the four year career” plan! 12034452_1124260127591791_3523689792058474867_oBecoming a YL member is one of the best decisions I had made in my life and thousands of others say the same. Request an income disclosure document from me so you know the lucrative potential it has for building your financial security.

order gabapentin for dogs I loved my former career, however, the vision I had for women and children needed to have a vehicle that would provide lucrative potential for more than just a special few. I wanted to offer a means for career women to be at home and create solid financial security which would position them to fulfill their own heart purpose. The only way I could duplicate that for hundreds of women was through network marketing. I became super excited when I realized I was in a perfect situation because Young Living matched my core values as well as so many women of the world! Why? We would purchase these amazing lifestyle products whether we did a business or not. BINGO. I knew then a movement of passioneers had begun!

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generic Seroquel cost For an insightful book as to what network marketing is and isn’t, we STRONGLY suggest you review the Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brook. Get the Young Living version. OR contact me as I offer this book complimentary to other women desiring to live out their life with purpose and are new to this industry!

Considering how much time people allocate to their job, people sometimes smile when we suggest they consider looking at a home business. They don’t realize the potential of this business model to earn beyond a traditional income. When they review the substantial benefits of the YL business model, they often conclude it may be crazy not starting a home-based business!

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