buy modafinil australia reddit As a passionate EntreprenOILer, Connie’s team consists of some of Young Living’s best-trained distributors. They produce over $50 million volume annually and their momentum continues to welcome 5000+ new members each month. 12034452_1124260127591791_3523689792058474867_oConnie had a fulfilling career as a teacher, yet her passion and commitment didn’t create the security she wanted for her own family. Every year she faced budget cuts or district downsizing, which left her uncertain about whether she would have a job. She dreamed of a business where she could contribute to the greater good, have the security she wanted in life, and be in control of her own time.

order Misoprostol online After the loss of young family members to cancer and prescription drugs, Connie’s passion rose. She realized that Young Living was a way to contribute something meaningful to people’s lives and create security for her own family. Her strong belief in the value that Young Living products provided to individuals and families made it natural for her to recommend them to others.

Through FOCUSED activity and the vision to see what her organization could become, Connie resigned from teaching early and became a stay-at-home parent. She loves being able to educate others about the physical and financial possibilities of Young Living. Watching other families get out of debt and build a LEGACY of prosperity is incredibly rewarding.

Connie has now been instrumental in changing the legacies of thousands of families across the globe while earning a place in the Million Dollar Earners Club. Her team produces over $50 million volume annually and their team’s momentum continues to welcome 5000+ new members each month.

Connie believes that success IS a pattern and the key is to teach this pattern to others. In her 17 years in the business, she has personally enrolled around 200 members, giving them a shining example of the power of duplication. She has helped others to dream beyond a traditional career income simply by recommending the amazing benefits of Young Living.

She has great respect for her strong team of EntreprenOILers. With the enhancement of technology and third party tools, her group has accelerated traditional income success into 3-5 years. Connie concludes, “Life is TOO short to continue trading time for money. Families are looking for options and a way to fulfill their ‘someday’ dreams! Let’s do this TOGETHER!”

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“You are truly inspirational!” ~ Michelle Peiffer

“Thanks for all your input, advice, and encouragement!” ~ Sheila Yoder-Auter

“Thank you for sharing your passion and wisdom” ~ Paula Ratliff Wilson

“Your class was so helpful. I came home with lots of valuable information that I will be applying to my business” ~ Debra Mitchell

“I recently attended Connie’s business training in Houston. It created a major shift in my thinking and planning.  I was somewhat stuck in my MLM growth (who does not experience such slow periods in MLM) and Connie opened new doors for me to walk through. I learned how to improve my WHY and how to better approach people and make that approach duplicable. I also learned on how to better select and train leaders in my downlines or new members and then how to properly follow-up and equip them with the knowledge and tools so that they can eventually duplicate themselves. And it was not just me but basically my entire attending team that came away with this feeling. In just a few days we already see results. Thank you Connie McDanel. I now know why you are indeed a world crown diamond.” ~ Olivier Wenker